Hi, what do you want to know?   I have a family who are compulsive photographers and filmers.  My dad was a cameramad..er..man.  I’ve been brought up with a camera in my face, or one joined to my hand.  Consequently, I have a beautifully recorded life….lucky me.  TScanned photoshe problem is, I was born in 1963 – during the heyday of Standard 8mm film.  Then Super 8mm film came in, and beautiful colour photos, little Polaroids.  Slides and box brownie photos were still around but probably becoming less common.  THEN we all got cameras – those little flat instamatics, then a nice Kodak, then a Pentax.  Next came Video Cassette recorders, then someone smart invented the Sony Handycam which took VHSC in 1982, then Video 8 in 1985….then Hi 8!!  Audio tapes were all the rage on Sony Walkmans.

And it didn’t end there!  The digital age was approaching.  CDs were invented.  Then DVDs. VHS recorders went out of production, some companies made combos.  But what to do with all those cassettes?   Then, heaven help us, computers, media players and  BluRays came on the scene, AVCHD and Hi Def and ….ohh,  I get a headache just thinking about it.

SO – I have film, slides, photos, audio tapes, Hi8, Video8, VHSC, Video tapes….and I have to somehow save them from decomposition, loss, degradation, accidents, etc…AND I want to make sure everyone gets a copy of anything they’re interested in.  I don’t want to spend a million bucks doing it!

That’s what I want.  That’s what this blog is about.

Hi, I’m Jenny.  I live in Sydney, Australia with my 2 teenage sons and my husband.  Luckily for me I have the time to devote to trying out stuff, and seeing what works.    Now, if only I could take my finger off ‘record’.

If you like a chuckle take a look at my other blog Onyajay – humor with tongue wedged firmly in cheek!


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