How to make digital copies of your old paper photos.

If you're born before 1980 or are into family history, you may be the keeper of 1000s of family photos. Before they get damaged you should digitise them. How? It's simple...


10 Steps to organising your digital photos. For good.

OK, so comes the day when you want to show your new love interest the randomly blue hair you used to have. Hmmmm. How many years ago was that? Where IS that photo. Deleted or not deleted? this is the question. How to organise your digital media so you can always find what you're after.

A guide to Organising Family Photos – Part 2

If you were born before the advent of digital photos, chances are you have a backlog of paper photographs - in albums, cupboards, envelopes, drawers or just loose, hanging around. What to do with them? What happens if there's a fire, are they getting damaged? Who will get them when you pass on? How will your children know what these are pictures of?? All questions I asked myself when looking at the mountain of photopaper and albums in my home.

A Guide to organising Family Photos – Part 1

Do you have a photo sorting project? It's always tricky to sort out photos into some kind of order and copy and store them. It's more complicated than it seems, and can feel very overwhelming. This post will provide you with some ideas, and help save your treasured memories for generations to come.